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   The company's business profile corporate events, PR and promotional services and products company, was founded in 2011 as a result of professional experience in this area of the founders of the business and market needs. 

    Class Image Events is a company that supports managers of companies or projects in the pharmaceutical or medical for events like conferences, presentations or product launches or services. 

    Our company organizes the event at your desired a stylish manner, complete and considering the best wishes sent to us. 


Image of the event: 

  • The nature of the event 
  • Number of participants 
  • Finding the ideal location and the client agreed 
  • Implementing a new website exclusively for this event, or a link to the event with registration forms and accommodation fees if any, etc. 
  • Writing invitations or for online registration form. participants 
  • Establish program 
  • Organising travel and accommodation participants 
  • Choosing food menu, coffee brake 
  • Press conference, press releases in field 
  • Advertising for the event or product production 
  • Contracting in customer name space TV and / or spot TV, radio or print 
  • Setting entertainment software (artistic, games company, team building, adventure) 
  • Establish ways of premises, reward participants or diplomas, certificates of participation in seminary, congress, etc. 
  • Customer feedback, opinions, complaints, wishes. 

With all these steps and the means chosen by the best people in the business or corporate events we want to be the ones who organize the perfect event you desired. 



Newmar Catering, Master Events, Know, Sales Consulting, Cluj Arena, Grand Hotel Italia, Passenger, Transportation, Express Printing, PMA Invest Evodesign, Softimpera. 

Our Clients: 

Institute of Psychology and Psychiatry, College of Physicians, the College of Psychologists of Romania, Saint Gobain, Krka Romania, Verder Romania, Eli Lilly, Glaxosmithckline, Setrio, Farmexpert DCI SA, Factory Sports, Sport Horse Napoca, LEMNCONFEX, Banca Transilvania, Evian Look TV, Vivat, Mercedes-Benz, Tuborg, pharmacies Aldedra, Autoworld AUDI, Volvo Cars, etc. 


With regards, 

Image Class Events 

Alin Horge 

Beneral Manager